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VidSummit TeamIn my previous post, I announced that I will be flying out to Los Angeles to attend the VidSummit 2017 on October 10-13. Hopefully I will see some of my followers there! I would love to connect with you!

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Just like opening up your first store-front business, you either go big or you go home. If you decide to go into business and think of working part time on it, more likely the business will have a 0% survival rate in its first year.

I want to take my Youtube channel to the next level. This means I have to do it full time spending about 80 Hours a week on it. 80 Hours a week involves me researching on the videos to do, planning, filming, editing and optimising it to get views.  If you think you can build a successful  Youtube channel with little effort, think again.

Here’s the perception of successful Youtube channels to new Youtubers:  it’s easy to do and easiest way to make money online. NOT! Creating a Youtube channel reminds of the profession of becoming a realtor. You get your license with an investment about $1000 dollars, sell a house and make thousands of dollars commission from the sale. With Youtube, you buy camera and computer for $1000, upload it on Youtube and you make $1000’s/month passively. Sound really easy right? WRONG!

There’s more to it when trying to build a successful Youtube channel.

Some questions you can ask yourself:  What niche are you going to cover? How are you going to optimise the videos to get views?  Who are you going network with? What is goal term goal and long term goal?

I sat down and it took me a week to carefully build a strategy for my Youtube Channel. And in my strategy, networking and learning secrets from the top Youtubers are part of the strategy. What better way to do it by attending VidSummit 2017! The cost to go this summit will be over $1000 with hotel, flight and ticket to the event. This is a huge investment for some. But if i’m going  to have a successful Youtube channel, I will need to be around these people and the energy. GO BIG OR GO HOME! See you there!






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