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Facebook was first introduced in 2004. It has became a global phenomenon counting more 700 million users including approximately 70 percent outside the United States. As it continue to grow over years.  It served a lot of people both large and small scale businesses.

One of the most enticing work that facebook can offer to business entrepreneurs is its ability to post videos and Maximizing it which is one of the most affordable and effective way in helping small business. But to maximize the exposure and effectiveness of your video, it’s vital that you download, post, and boost your video in the correct way.

We recommend you read this entire document before beginning.

Step One

Downloading Your Video & Custom Thumbnail
Follow the Dropbox link that we’ve sent to you, and download the two files to your computer for full HD
versions. Make sure to save the both files to a folder you can easily find.

Step Two
Uploading Your Video

      1. On your business Facebook page, select ‘Upload a Photo or Video’, and open the HD video file you saved in Step One.

      2. Give your video a catchy title that’s short and summarizes the content (E.g. Why Clucky Chickens Are So Happy).

      3. Tag your video with the applicable key wording relating to your video content and target market (E.g. Organic farming, poultry farming, chicken, chicken (food) etc.)

      4. Writing the text for your post is your chance to give 1-2 sentences of input on the content of your video (E.g. It’s important to know where you source your dinner from).

      5. Adding a custom thumbnail enhances the quality and appearance of your video. Select ‘Add a Custom Thumbnail’, and upload the HD photo you saved in Step One.

      6. If you, employees, co-workers, community members, or otherwise were involved in making or are featured in the video, make sure to tag them to maximize on the views from their immediate friends list.

      7. If your video is celebrating an event, is intended to be happy or exciting – let the viewers know. Select the most relevant emotion or action to the video, or make a custom emotion or action (E.g. Clucky Farms is feeling excited).

      8. It’s very important to tag your business location, or city if you don’t have a business location, in
all your posts (E.g. Clucky Farms, Okanagan BC).

      9. If the content of your video would prompt viewers to need more information or get in touch
with you, add the ‘Messenger Button’.

       10. Crossposting is a great way to post your video to multiple pages, like your business and personal
page, and still be able to track the different interactions your video generates.

Step Three

Posting Your Video

Use the scheduling feature to select the optimal date and time you would like your video to become publicly posted This is a chance to capture many organic views and interactions from your page followers and friends, and from the key tags you chose for your video. Most Facebook users are active in the afternoon during the week, so these are good times to schedule for, but utilize your Facebook page analytics to see the days and times your target market is most active.

Step Four

Boosting Your Post

After your scheduled video post becomes public, the next step is to start boosting-posting, which builds upon the organic views and interactions the initial post will generate.

      1. Make sure you are on your business page (not your personal page, be careful if you cross posted), find the video post on your ‘Home’ or ‘Posts’ tab (on the left of your page), and select the “Boost Post” button.

      2. If you haven’t created an “Audience” before, or if you are beginning a new online campaign, select the option “Create New Audience” button.

      3. Choose a name for this new audience that makes the most sense for this campaign (E.g. Organic-Conscious Market). Keep an eye on the analytic tool at the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to get close to a ‘Specific’ Audience.

      4. Select the most appropriate gender of your target market (E.g. Women and mothers do most of the grocery shopping in a household, so in our example we would select ‘Women’).

      5. Select the most appropriate age ranges for your target market (E.g. The age-range for female grocery-shoppers that are most conscious about organic produce is 21-50).

      6. The location of your target market is very important, and the narrower the selection you make, the higher the likelihood you will be getting the views you want.

      7. Next, you want to add demographics, interests or behaviours to get even more specific with your target market. This step is tricky, because Facebook will only show your video to people with an interest in at least one of the categories you choose. This means the smaller your list, the more specific your audience is going to be.

            After you go through the Facebook suggestions, select the ‘Browse’ category, and begin looking through the options. Select all the most applicable categories (E.g. We found ‘local food’, ‘organic farming’, ‘organic food’, and ‘environmentalism’ under ‘Interests’. Please note: in a real-life situation, we would choose a dozen or so more options than this before continuing).

Final Thoughts

Facebook is a very effective tool for marketing and generating leads that has successfully integrated the social aspect that is very important in the online atmosphere. Facebook caters to the inherent human need to socialize.

Facebook introduces new ways to advertise through videos and these can make a big difference. Don’t get discouraged if it seems hard at first, there will always be a lesson to be learned in every facet of marketing. After a while you will really see the difference in the performance of your videos, and you’ll get what you deserved that is a lot more value for your hard earned advertising dollar. Ciao!

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